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WG4 Cowling Screws Removal

Looking for information on how to remove the screws from the cowling on my WG4 They pass through a spacer and the spacer retains them to keep them from falling out. I need to get them out of the spacers to clean and paint cowling.

Also, the rubber seal around upper cowl/tank. Anyone have a source for this or an aftermarket Rube Goldberg solution.


Re: WG4 Cowling Screws Removal

Do the "screws" have a pin thru them? If so, I think you have to press the pin out to remove the screws. JW

Re: WG4 Cowling Screws Removal

Yeah, we got em. The pin is not obvious, but with a lot of elbow grease and determination we finally discovered it. Thanks. Anybody have a Parts/Owners manual for this they want to part with?

Re: WG4 Cowling Screws Removal

Half way down is the wg4 manual with old part numbers.
The very next post is a mercury parts list link with a crossover chart from old numbers to new numbers. Even with new numbers, odd parts are hard to find.

Re: WG4 Cowling Screws Removal


Thanks for helping out. Really appreciate the info. We will be finished with the WG4 in about a week to 10 days. Our website is We sell OEM matching paint as well as motors we restore and some hard to find parts for OMC products. This is the first Wizard we have done, and it has posed a few challenges, but overall it is a very solid rebuild/restore. We will look for more to do in the future.