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Who has the earliest Pre-War Wizards Here?

Anyone here own the Wizard WA2, WA3 or WA6 outboards made in the early 1940's? If so, please email me offline as I have a couple of questions including if you would be interested in selling.



Re: Who has the earliest Pre-War Wizards Here?

Kiekhaefer's 1940 production was about 2000 singles and 500 twins under Wizard Brand. Survival rate for
old outboard motors is pretty good as long as motor
is usable and scrap metal prices low. A 10% survival
rate would yield about 250 motors in pool...I suspect
rate is a little higher but even 100% would not be
enough to place one in every aomci member's collection.
My own personal approach is to pick up early
K Models be they Sea King, Wizard or Mercury if price
is fair all things considered...wait for just the right model to show up might be a long wait.
others may differ

Re: Who has the earliest Pre-War Wizards Here?


I enjoy your posts, but this last one had little to do with the question I asked the membership here.

I want to see some pictures of 1940 wizards and hear from the owners. Not the 1941 KB Merc equivalent, but the 1940 Merc Built Wizard motors.

If you look through the archives here, there are a number of these early motors floating around.

Re: Who has the earliest Pre-War Wizards Here?

Being an old geezer who lived thru WWII, I am guessing the scrap metal drives, which the patriotic public participated in with a passion, consumed a lot of outboards, sadly. Many motors in the South were used in salt water and died an early death due to corrosion of the cheap materials.

Just my dos centavos, amigos.

Cheers, JW in Dixie