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wd-3s will not run where do i start?

just purchased a 47 wd-3s and is not running need to know where to start. the plug wire is severed not by the plug but up in the magneto what do i do to change it out?

Re: wd-3s will not run where do i start?

Find a place to work on motor and store parts as they
are removed. A decent work space will make things
go much better.
The routine goes as follows...
Remove spark plug and front covers (if still present)
Remove fuel tank and rewind assembly as a unit after
removing 4 fasteners and disconnecting fuel line
Remove spark plug and feed in enough rope to jam
piston on up stroke
Using padded pipe wrench remove ratchet nut on crankshaft
Using fly wheel puller remove flywheel
You now have access to service magneto
(ease of removing flywheel can refrain
from the BIG hammer approach...go to hardware store
and get 7/16" fine thread nut to protect threads
on crankshaft
Very simple motors and good first outboard projects.
Take pictures as you work to document project and
to show you how to reassemble if need be
As you find problems ask questions and post pictures.

Ignition wire is 7mm multi strand copper core ignition cable...should run about 50 cents a foot
at auto parts store. Packard 440 is a premium grade
with tined copper wires that cost several times more
and may/may not be better.
There are several types of ignition cable but ONLY
7mm multi strand copper wire core wire will work on
old outboard.
My experience has been that more than ignition needs
to be refreshed but one thing at a time.