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wm7 plug wires

also checked spark im getting spark from one wire but not the other any help there ? thanks

Re: wm7 plug wires

Repco/Phelon 514R magneto with FG 607 condensors
and FG 608 coils. Contact sets may
just need
to have faces polished to mirror like finish.
Poor or no spark condition on one or both sides
of magneto are not unusual on a long stored motor.
Either that was why it was laid up or things went
bad in storage...SO...on to magneto troubleshooting 101...
Give everything a shot of electrical contact cleaner
which leaves no residue and does not affect plastic
or rubber parts...flush away all the dirt and grime.
Remove, polish contact points, replace and set gap.
Examine all wire for worn or degraded insulation.
Replace high tension and shrink tube coil leads.
Condensors are cheap replace unless you can test
and determine ok.
Replace flywheel and spin over motor with plugs out
and grounded to motor...test each side by holding
wire 3/8" off block to see if you have a blue spark that jumps the gap.
If you have good spark on one side swap the coils
to see if spark follows the good coil...if so
the other coil is the not good.
You may find significant savings on coils by shopping around.
There are those who report good results sealing up
cracked coil insulation. No personal experience.

Ignition wire may be plugged into a hole in coil
or it could be soldered or twisted on a lug...
proceed with caution.