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1953 wg4 parts needed

looking for a lower unit pump housing & prop. mine are chipped out

Re: 1953 wg4 parts needed

Broaden your search.

The prop is same part number for
all 1/2" bore props used with the rubber element clutch for both singles and twins up thru Mercury KE3 and Wizard WG4. The water pump housing is same for
all of the vane or impeller type water pump up thru
Mercury KE3 and Wizard WG4.

Later Mercury and Wizard models with the Counter Clockwise screw on water pump cover are completely
different designs. No parts interchange.

Similar prop with 9/16" bore is for KE4/Mark 7 not
suitable unless sleeved...more work than finding
a correct prop.

After market prop maker Michigan Wheel offered several
different props for Wizard/Mercury usually marked
with "K" and a number such as K 8.

The Kiekhaefer props are generally marked MB 209
or MB 2091 but not always.

There are look alike(OMC?) props that turn in wrong direction too! Take a look at lower unit pictures
on this site so you know what the right prop looks like...every outboard meet has stacks of props for
sale...usually the wrong ones ,but, every so often
you find what you seek.
Ebay and web ad on aomci site may produce results