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wm7 motor

i have awm7 wizard motor that i would like to get running. when i got it the sparkplug wires were chewed off .i need a picture of a wiring diagrahm to know which wire to put to which plug.

Re: wm7 motor

No big deal...take out spark plugs watch which point set opens as piston nears top in upper cylinder...
the opening of point triggers the ignition spark
in the cylinder coming up on compression...(on all
strokes on two cycle engines.)
Rewire one side at a time. It is easier to keep track
of how wire is routed from coil thru magneto plate to the spark plug if you only have one wire to trace. Make wire a little longer than needed
as you can always trim shorter.
Ignition wire is 7mm stranded copper wire core...
You can reinsulate the wires on magneto plate with
heat shrink tube. I spray electrical contact cleaner
on magneto plate and top of crankcase as frequently
the upper crankshaft seal has failed and allowed
gas/oil mix to blow out over everything. Gas evaporates but oil remains and attracts dirt
Seal can be replaced while you have magneto assembly
off if need be.
I assume you have already removed the flywheel and that the chewed off refers anly to wire at spark
plug end. If this is not the case a picture may be
helpful ,but, not absolutely needed. Old wire path
usually has left a trace to follow. Always bear in
mind that the magneto plate moves back and forth to
advance and retard spark...the ignition wire has
to have enough slack to allow for this but not too
much as to become entangeled or rest against hot
or moving parts. Ignition wire is cheap and sold by
the foot...get more than you need. Heat shrink tube and electrical contact cleaner not as cheap but may be needed. Auto parts store and hardware store
items. I think $10 would cover all supplies and give you change.
Magneto work may look complex but take it one tiny
step at a time. As a math teacher explained to me
"What is hard by the yard is a cinch by the inch.
Anything you don't understand...ask questions...this board has several responders...and several ways to explain better.