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model WG4 Ser. 456732

What year am I working on ? Cant seem to be able to get prop off. Got cotter out , nut off but not prop. Where can I find water pump parts as I wanna run this little gem. From New Philadelphia Ohio 44663. Thanx Phil

Re: model WG4 Ser. 456732

Your motor is a 1951 wg4 super twin 2 cylinder at around 6hp.

Try a search for WG4 in the search box above. lots of information in older posts.

Look here for the parts breakdown.
(The wf-4 and Wg-4 manual is what you want about 2/3 down the post. Use the WD-4S instructions for running it, but use only modern outboard oil in your gasoline.)

Re: model WG4 Ser. 456732

There is no secret to the prop issue it is just gunked up and you need to really pull on the sucker. Obviously you do want to be extremely carefully in the way you execute this because those parts you are yanking on are rare and expensive.

Re: model WG4 Ser. 456732

Take a look at the picture series of lower unit so you
have an idea of what to expect. Likely what you have
is a corrosion issue. Take a long hard look at things
before picking up tools to resolve matters.
There are tools to pull off props and of course there is always the flame wrench...try not to destroy anything you can save...I have had a couple similar
issues and they did not all come out well.
Parts are out there ,but, better to not need to track
them down. It might be best to remove the two screws
and drop assembly into bucket of solvent (your favorite brand) and work on some other issues for a
spell. Can't hurt might help techniques don't always
produce desired result but neither does the BIG hammer.