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wizard powermatic 12

My dad was given a wn7a powermatic twelve. believe it is a 56 or 57 year motor given the serial number. We don't know where to start with it. Believe it needs new coil packs. Any suggestions and tips to get this motor up and running with out damaging it, would be appreciated.

thank you

Re: wizard powermatic 12

Clean the fuel system from tank thru carburetor...may
involve a lot of work or a little...depends.
Remove the flywheel to access points and coils...replace wires and parts as needed...and clean contact faces of points...lube felts
Remove the left hand thread cover under propeller and replace water pump impeller (almost always bad in long stored motors)
Check gearcase lube for water or metal grit...drain and replace lube.
Coils and impellers are fairly substantial investmets
in future of motor so be sure to check compression
gears and overall condition FIRST...waste of money
and time to fit a dead horse for a new saddle and shoes.
Missing, broken or incorrect items can be hard to
come by so it is best to start with a complete motor
in good basic condition before expending time and
money...appearance is a good indicator of level of
care prior users gave motor.
Any long out of service mechanical device will need
some attention before use...The amount of use, level
of care in use and storage and conditions in storage
will require more or less time and money.
A few are ready to use, a few are either hopeless or
require advanced skill and most will fall somewhere inbetween.
Price and availability of parts may call for some shopping and searching...part of the fun.
Good Luck

Re: wizard powermatic 12

thanks alot for the advise and help. Any chance you can point me in the right direction for parts expecially coil packs we are missing one.

Re: wizard powermatic 12

Jim Judson advertises on aomci webvertizer he has good quality and best prices on coils.
Kiekhaefer made Wizard outboards for
Western Auto and Mercury for their own dealers so there is a lot of commonality between the two brands made in 1940 thru 1957 when their agreement ended. East Coast Marine Old Mercs specializes in the old Mercurys and can usually help with Wizards made by
Kiekhaefer. Shop around a little as there are some
other vendors that may have needed items or have
more competitive pricing.
Seals and bearings can be found at an industrial supply house or bearing dealer either locally or
on after you have identified seals and
There are vendors who sell parts from parts motors
for many brands...may not always have the part but
usually know what you are after.
Sometimes helps to watch ebay, craigs list or webvertize with a free ad.
Good Luck