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WG4 Super Twin

I have a 1952 wizard wg4 super twin in running order and would like to know it's value.

Re: WG4 Super Twin

I paid $60 for my last one. (Charleston, SC)
They can go as high as $150 around here depending on condition.

Re: WG4 Super Twin

Ok and also... can someone tell me how to adjust the needles on my carb... I want to get more high speed from it and still be able to troll but all i can do right now is troll with it. when i go high speed i have to have it half choked or it sputters and dies out.

Re: WG4 Super Twin

You can use the WD-4S instructions to adjust the carb. It should get you close to what you need.

the WG4 parts list is here: