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20 hp Wizard: Model wba6520a56 / s/n 1131c

I have running motor that was converted to console controls. Lost parts removed for the tiller controls. (start, slow, fast etc. Are there any picture views or manuals that show me how to identify what is needed?

Re: 20 hp Wizard: Model wba6520a56 / s/n 1131c

Wizard 6520 was made by West Bend/Chrysler as a 1965 20hp model. Chrysler acquired West Bend in 1965 and
changed name to Chrysler. Besides selling outboards under Chrysler brand several retailers sold same
or slightly altered motors under their brands...
Western Auto Wizards and Montgomery Ward Sea Kings.
There are several parts vendors on line who sell
used parts from old outboards. Manuals for outboards
sold by retailers are somewhat less common than
Mercury or OMC
Good Luck

Re: 20 hp Wizard: Model wba6520a56 / s/n 1131c

Thank you. I believe I can handle it from here.