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Old motors

Could some one help me with what the paint colors for a 1941 Wizard WB2 would look like and are decals available anywhere. Thanks

Re: Old motors

Dull Aluminum Plasti Kote T41 (Lacquer)(sp)
Prime with an etching primer first.
Best to do as,degreasing and applying paint is more uniform. Wipe with oil and wax
cleaner prior to applying primer. Sometimes a pitted
or rough surface can be filled with JB Weld or putty
and sanded smooth(er) prior to painting...or in my
case after painting and before repainting.
Mist paint on, wait 10 minutes and mist on some more streaks,no runs,no errors. Some clear coat too.
Decals as they say "are out there" Water slide are
more difficult to apply but more original...vinyl
easier to apply and look good if a little thick.
Either way they last until first time you scrubb
against something.
Clever Native Craftsmen sometimes take pictures, fiddle with computers and create the unobtainable
decals to glue on and clear coat over. Some in the
hobby would give Houdini a run for his money.
Just did some painting and it looks 1,000% better
than before...not that I am any great shakes at
spray bombing.

Re: Old motors

Thanks Louis, but what about the post that say it was Gold?

Re: Old motors

WA or WB motors were dull aluminum, the exception is the WA25 which came much later. WD models are gold