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wizard impeller

need a wizard impeller for my 12hp number 1591. 15097273112

Re: wizard impeller

There are Wizards and there are Wizards...some are
like Mercurys, some are like Scott/McCulloch,some
like West Bend/Chryslers and some are like Tecumseh/Eskas. Depends upon who Western Auto bought
motor from.(these are post WW2 suppliers others supplied motors prior) Also,Oliver sold Western Auto
a few outboards about 1957/58 which I do not have
information about (Oliver farm tractor bought Chris
Craft outboard interests...a few sold as Wizards)
My 1965 source document does not identify your model by the numbers given. Usually magneto and carburetor
were purchased from a vendor. It is often possible
to narrow search by knowing model numbers of each.
A picture will often show the "family resemblence"
to maker's brand motors too.
Since different makes and models seldom used same impeller it is first necessary to solve the "who done
it inorder to find the correct impeller.
Hopefully someone with a more specific answere will pin down matters so you can go to an
on line vendor and purchase the right part the first time out.
Good Luck