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wizard boat motor

I have a model WG4 says super twin on the motor it 4hp whats it worth?

Re: wizard boat motor

That model was made by Mercury. It is a strong 6HP. Its value is though to estimate since it depends on why someone wants it- parts or to run. If it has the lower cowels and is running well I have seen them sell for between $75 and $100 at AOMCI meets. I bought one in a box of parts for $25. If it one you want to buy or fix up please check to make sure the lower unit has grease in it and no water if it is a motor you are looking at buying. The coils are usually good and the carb, fuel line and gas tank just need a good cleaning in order to get it running. The water pump impeller can usually still be obtained from I think it is an easy one to work my personally.

Re: wizard boat motor

thank you so much...i bought it for a 10.5 runs....heard it start for a second..havent put it in water yet..just got it ...but it is mint cond...all tin and decals tickled pink......gave 60 bucks for it

Re: wizard boat motor

Remove propeller and rubber clutch assembly to access
the water pump cover...held in by a large spring, remove spring, align pin with notch and drive out drive pin, remove the brass cover, check the rubber impeller for deterioration & cracks...Impeller usually needs to be replaced to insure reliable flow of cooling water.
If powerhead overheats and seizes up it usually costs
more than motor is worth to repair.
An ounce of prevention vs a pound of cure situation.
Worth your while to review the various topics and
discussions on this site for other potential issues
that may need to be addressed.
Finding a complete and running motor is a rare event.
You still need to check motor over and do needed
preventative maintenance to protect your investment.
good luck

Re: wizard boat motor

Glad you got a nice one. You will find the parts list for the WG4 at this post link below about 2/3 down. Operating instructions will be the same as the WD-4S.

Lots of information in the older posts on this forum.