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Motor ID and info needed, please

I recently was given this motor, and don't know anything about it. Can you please help. The ID plate is badly worn, and I can only make out the engraved number (1139). Is this the model/serial? Can some one point me in the right direction, please?

Re: Motor ID and info needed, please
Re: Motor ID and info needed, please

Thanks Bryan, So I have done some more research on McCulloch. Seems that they made these several years with model number including:

MLM-6903 in 1959
MLM-6903A in 1960
MLM-6903A in 1961 and another listed as half year

So my question is, are the parts interchangeable? I also read in the forum that this motor could have been listed by other makers, so can those parts be used? Can some one point me to a manual, or a parts source? Please and thank you. Also a photo of one of these restored, or in good shape. I need to have an idea of what to match this up to. I guess decal are unavailable?

I posted a few more photos if it helps.

Re: Motor ID and info needed, please

Your example of Scott Atwater/MacCulloch looks a tad
on weary side. Before you do much else check compression and spark. Compression can be checked
by a repair shop if you do not have gage. Spark
is a good sign...lack of spark may mean points need
cleaning or that somewhat pricy coil is shot.
Also good idea to check appearence of lower unit
lube to see if seals are still keeping water out.
It is possible your motor needs only cosmetic clean
and is also possible you will find cost
of repairs wasted on a worn out motor. It is usually
not practical to bore out cylinder on an outboard
as oversize rings and pistons are seldom available.

Far be it from me to discourage someone thinking of restoring an old outboard. All that I advise is look
before you leap. Some old outboards are much better candidates than others for a "First" project.
A single cylinder outboard made in significant numbers over a period of years can be an excellent
candidate providing it is not worn out and needs
only easily available/affordable parts. If after
evaluating, your find is found wanting...fear not
you have a parts motor...the source of parts to
restore a better example of its kind.
Success with a first project has been known to lead
to other projects. Friends and neighbors have been
known to drop off old outboards once they find you
like tinkering with them.
In times past it was very common for cowls to be removed and discarded...cosmetic parts can be very
difficult to find and tend to be costly. For that
reason a complete example is better candidate for a full restoration...a less complete example might
best be returned to running condition.
Just my opinion...perhaps not yours.

Re: Motor ID and info needed, please

It looks like you have a McCulloch/Scott 3.6hp motor like this:

These were one of the replacements for the Wizard line after Mercury dropped Western Auto.

I think the 1139 stamped into the tag is a serial # as nothing came up in my Google searches for that number associated with Wizard.
Further research reveals that yours is most likely a Wizard 6903 motor produced from 1960-62. they made a MLM6903A and a MLM6903B but I don't know what the difference is. According to the Iboats website it was produced as early as 1959...probably as a 1960 model.

Here is the closest thing to a manual you are going to get. The 3.6Hp is listed by McCulloch as a 3 1/2Hp.

The parent search site for this is:
User ID: Marshall Password: public
Left click on "Small Engine Reference Center".
Left click on "Marine/Boat motors".
Left click on "McCulloch"
Left click on "3 1/2"

This Database is good for other model outboards and small engines also, so save the link, username and password. It may come in handy someday.

My motors are of Mercury origin, so I look for parts in that direction. Yours will be of the Scott or McCulloch origin. Look for parts using Google searches and on Ebay. You will probably want 3.6 Hp to be in your search also.

Just to muddy the waters a bit...An Ebay search for "outboard 3.6" revealed this Elgin motor just like yours:

This should keep you busy for a while. Parts for this motor are going to be tough to find and you may have to compare pictures of parts and guess what will fit your motor. I'd guess most parts of 3.6 Hp motors of Scott/ McCulloch and it's derivatives would be fairly interchangeable but nothing is a sure thing. I'd imagine about 70 to 80% of the parts would be interchangeable.

Here's something to look forward to.
Have fun.