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Wizard 20 hp

I got a 20 hp Wizard and it needs a coil, but I am trying to figure out the year. Serial number C 1454, model number BA6520A56. Thanks for your time

Re: Wizard 20 hp

Not by Kiekhaefer (Mercury) 6520 translates to 1965
20 hp by West Bend (Chrysler bought West Bend in 1965)
Wizard was a brand used by Western Auto for outboards
supplied by various makers over the years.Probably not
much difference betweed Wizard and Chrysler models
of same year and hp.
Parts for most older outboards "are around" usually
an on line vendor search will turn up what is needed
Some parts may still be available at NAPA or similar retailers....Sierra aftermarket parts.

Re: Wizard 20 hp