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Question re WIZ SUPER 10 - WF7 S/N411338

I have one of these and the prop shaft has splines like a KG7. Is this correct? Does not have a prop.

It is missing the recoil/top cover. It would be a three-screw model. Anyone have a spare?

Thanks, JW in Dixie

Re: Question re WIZ SUPER 10 - WF7 S/N411338

WF7 Tower/Lower Unit I had (sold to Roger D) seemed original with smooth prop shaft (1/2" x 13tpi prop nut thread)struck me as unusual. Gear case seemed
to be a heavier casting too. It is possible that a
bit of mix and match has taken place with yours or
maybe factory ran out of old pattern parts and
used some new ones to finish an order.

Re: Question re WIZ SUPER 10 - WF7 S/N411338

(link to photo, I hope)

Louis, I located a WM7 foot, smooth shaft, and put this on the WF7. Think they would be the same? Also a WM7 3-blade bronze prop.

Should the tower & foot be painted Wizzie green? Is Willow Green a decent match? Or aluminum?

Still need a top and cowl.

Cheers, JW in dixie

Re: Question re WIZ SUPER 10 - WF7 S/N411338

Answers to your questions not in my (shallow) well
of knowledge. It would make things a lot easier if
ECK and Western Auto had left a paper trail of service and parts manuals for Wizards similar to what you can find for Mercurys. I suspect what little that did exist was pitched when they no longer seemed of much use.
As for paint Opthalmalic Neurologist(sp)
instructed my wife choose my ties.
Color is one area I can offer no advice except to say prewar Kiekhaefer painted everything Dull Aluminum.
It was not until postwar that ECK discovered there
were other colors.