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WD3S,KD3S and KB3

I am trying to restore a merc KB-3. It is missing the recoil assembly,the cover that goes around the carb and the spark plug cover. I think that the WD3S and the KD3S used the assembly and covers. Does anyone know for sure if this is correct. and also does anyone have any of these moters or parts for sale.
Chris Boyer

Re: WD3S,KD3S and KB3

KB3 and KD3-1 and KD3-2 share same part number for
carburetor and carburetor cover (cowl?) Spark plug
cover (single cylinder) or cup I could not find
It is on parts list somewhere.
Chances of finding a post war KD3 or WD3 with some sort of extensive damage are pretty good. The needle bearings in my experiece rust to crankshaft and commecting rods fairly frequently making them either "Show" motors or parts motors.
Wizard version WD3 should be same except for gold
paint instead of dull aluminum.
Carburetor should be an easy find...the other items
seem to have been "throw aways" in times past.
When seeking "lost" cosmetic items it pays to have
a sharp eye,fast reflexes and a thick wallet.
A complete example of an early Kiekhaefer is worth
paying a little more...incomplete examples all seem
to be missing same cosmetic items. The time and money
needed to find missing items should be deducted from
purchase offer...or valued at remaining parts you can
use...sometimes a wise purchase but do not assume
all is as it should be unless you verify first.
"S" versions have a cast aluminum bonnet that encloses
rewind starter and is bolted to cast aluminum tank
Wizard version has gold paint and Wizard plate instead
of Mercury. I believe all prewar and post war single
on cast aluminum tank are same parts. Kiekhaefer did
offer a conversion kit to convert rope plate to rewind
starter...that may involve drilling and tapping holes
for fasteners in tank.

Re: WD3S,KD3S and KB3

Numbers sometimes tell an interesting story...

Kiekhaefer's 1939 production
2,300 Sea Kings
473 Thors
These were the old Thor pattern

Kiekhaefer's 1940 production marked introduction
of redesigned up to date outboard motors.
2900 Mercurys about 2,000 singles and 900 twins
K1,K2,K3,singles and K4,K5 twins
2500 Wizards about 2,000 singles and 500 twins
WA2,WA3 singles and WA6 twin
4,000 Sea Kings (catalog number 8820) all singles (note that Montgomery Ward also sold motors from OMC including a single)
Total 9,400

Kiekhaefer's 1941 production 15,000+
KB1,KB1A,KB2,KB3,singles KB4, KB5 twins
WB2,WB3 singles WB4,WB6 twins
(Sea King single 8821 catalog number)
Kiekhaefer's 1942 5,000 to March 27,1942 when government war time restrictions halted production

Total prewar Kiekhaefer production would seem to be about 2,775 Thor pattern motors mostly singles with
some twins and a few triples.
The total production of the improved pattern would
be about 29,400
Exact distribution of production by brand and model
and survival would be hard to come by ,but, ratio of 1940 production probably typical of 1941
also...1942 production probably heavy on up market
higher margin models.
I suspect they were marked as 1941 models.

Numbers from Iron Fist a very interesting read about
a very interesting man.



Re: WD3S,KD3S and KB3

Information about old outboard motors can sometimes can be incompete or incorrect. The listing above is
intended to make it easier to place a "find" in its
proper perspective. Several sources were consulted
to verify information, to remove inconsitant information and to add information that is missing.
Hopefully those who find themselves with an early
Kiekhaefer with find it useful.
Technical Data indicates KB3 & KB4 models were
made in 1942,but, is silent as to production under
Sea King or Wizard brands. I suspect ECK decided to make highest margin products for sale to Mercury dealers who probably paid a higher price per unit
than either Montgomery Ward or Western Auto.

Re: WD3S,KD3S and KB3

East Coast Marine sells a reprint
of New Parts List for Mercury Models 1939-1953
in the form of a chart showing part numbers and
models part was used on. Anyone considering restoration of a Kiekhaefer model of this vintage
should acquire a copy.
It is far easier and I think less expense to start
with a complete or near complete outboard if your
goal is a factory new restoration. A couple of a January meet I bought a stuck,incomplete and rough WD4S, at a February meet
a stuck incomplete KD3S came my a recent
meet I bought a couple rewinds and tanks in rough
shape...a month or so back I was given some powerhead
parts and this last week I traded for a single powerhead damaged by broken rod...for about the
same total I could have purchased a grimy but complete
KD3S or a complete prewar single...I think both could have been bought as a package for a reasonable sum.
Missing parts make for longer projects that may/may not end up with complete motors...I think more fun