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WD-4S General Instructions and Parts List (Repost)

This is The Wizard WD-4S General instructions and Parts list. This guide can be used as general operating procedures for most of the Mercury built K model Wizard Outboards.

Here is an important link to a Mercury outboard price list I uploaded that has a cross reference of old part numbers and their new corresponding part numbers beside them.

To convert an old Wizard number to old style Mercury number you simply change the "W" in the part number to an "M".

For example, the Wizard drive shaft W-50-186 becomes M-50-186. Look it up in the price guide and the new mercury number becomes 45-24449. You now have a valuable tool for finding the NOS part on someones dusty old shelf. Most old parts are still very difficult to find, but at least this is a start.

Re: WD-4S General Instructions and Parts List (Repost)

If the mercury Outboard Price list link doesn't open, try this link:

Re: WD-4S General Instructions and Parts List (Repost)

Hey I have one of these that has been sitting around for a long time. Just curious what it might be worth? its a wd-4s and the serial is 270822.
Scott G

Re: WD-4S General Instructions and Parts List (Repost)

I paid $61.05 for mine in 2009 on ebay.

This post was really for information only As I can't get Jason Baxter to put it on the website. Please make comments in a new post as Multiple comments in this topic make the scans load slower for people with slow computers.