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2-3 hp 1940's wizard


so i got this wizard motor from a buddie.. i think its a 1946 standard it is gold with a single cylinder... it doesn't have a recoil. its in pretty good shape and i cant find a picture of another one... just seeing what the value is and if anyone is interested.....

Re: 2-3 hp 1940's wizard

Ryan it depends on a lot as to value, first look on the driveshaft housing below the power head for a silver and black nameplate, you should find the model and serial number there. If possible put pictures on photobucket or somewhere and put link here for people to look at.

Re: 2-3 hp 1940's wizard

the sn plate is gone....

Re: 2-3 hp 1940's wizard

Picture would help. Value depends on condition,completeness and market.