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western auto supply wizard super twin model # wf 4 what is it worth.

I have an outboard supertwin western auto supply outboard motor model number mf 4 does any one know how much it is worth now.It a 5 hp motor

Re: western auto supply wizard super twin model # wf 4 what is it worth.

Depends. Probably about the price of a tank of gas.
Spark or no spark, clean in great cosmetic condition
or average beater, complete or a couple of pieces
gone or gone bad...rubber handles and impeller fall
apart with age. Your motor dates from late 1940's
and unless exceptionally well cared for and maintained
has earned a few bumps and scratches thru the years.
Old outboards appeal to a fairly small percentage
of population...many who might like one will shy away from one that can not be demonstrated to start, idle,run and pump long as it is cheap.
Those who have gotten into reviving old outboards
are aware that parts that are frequently bad and
cosmetic parts especially tend to be expensive...
At a meet Saturday a very experienced member of club
made the statement that price is nothing more than an agreement between buyer and seller. I can not disagree. There are enough average old outboards
around that no one I know gets too excited....a really nice original condition OR a race equipped
motor or an early Row Boat Motor especially an obscure brand made in limited numbers with lots and
lots of brass brightwork is a different story.
Louis's take on it which you can take or leave