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Wizard WF4

Looking for a WF4 water pump impeller...ant ideas?
If not, I may just sell the motor...It does run, just needs the impeller and a repaint. (

thanks, Glenn

Re: Wizard WF4

Impellers for the Kiekhaefer made Wizards and Mercury
K Models thru KE3 and W Models thru WG4 have been available UNTIL just recently at several on line sites.
For some reason they are currently not listed even though
similar but not the same as impellers are still available.
I do not know if it is a business decision to drop a slow
seller or a supplier problem.
At the moment the only source of impellers for the earlier
impellrs seems to be AOMCI member
Brian Wilcox
9231 Stone Road
Algonac, Michigan 48001
(810) 794-7685
I have met Brian at several meets and have purchased his
impellers for several motors. He has an online site
although I can not place it at moment.

Re: Wizard WF4

Thanks for the tip...I'm trying to get in touch with him now.