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Wizard 5 hp fuel mixture


I just bought a Wizard outboard with a number of ESK-6632A-08. The tag says Western Auto Supply in Kansas City, MO. The previous owner claims he bought it in 1980. It is 5 hp. It has an internal fuel tank.

I would like to have some idea of what fuel mixture I would use for this as it didn't come with an owners manual.


Re: Wizard 5 hp fuel mixture

Your Wizard was made by Eska, and they were meant to run on 24:1 (although you might be able to get away with 32:1).


Re: Wizard 5 hp fuel mixture

Was wondering if anyone knew the year of this particular model number. I just purchased a boat that came with one with the same model number and I am needing a carburetor bowl and build kit.

Re: Wizard 5 hp fuel mixture

That model is an Eska motor made in 1980, so the rebuild kits are available on eBay.

The power head is made by Tecumseh. there should be a tag on the side bolts of the motor with a number on it. let us know what that number is and I probably can direct you to parts sources and exploded engine diagrams should you need it.

You will need a manual to rebuild the carburetor correctly. the pump diaphragm has to go in at a 45 deg angle to pump right. Here are 2 mechanics manuals that should cover carburetors:

Here's a third from Tecumseh:

It also has an impeller that cools the exhaust portion of the leg. The impeller number on yours is ES 1001. I believe you should see water spattering out the exhaust port if working correctly if not, see about getting a new one. Some Eskas had a water pipe to pee a stream out the side to show a working impeller, but probably not on yours.

Check with Eskaman2008 on eBay to see what impeller would be a match for yours. I think he has the best price and knows a lot about Eska motors and might know what will fit a wizard/Eska.
Good luck with yours. I'm rebuilding my Eska 9.9 this morning with an eBay kit.