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Lower for WH-6

Well this is becomingan addiction, I just purchased a WH-6 for $25.00, the prop and foot are gone due to corrosion over years of standing on the ground. The engine still turns but I have not attempted to start it. I would like to find a lower for it or trade it for a WG-4 with an entire cowling. I intend on restoring one of them to include paint and stickers. I am stationed in Birmingham,AL and I will be looking for more Wizard parts and motors, if anyone knows of an old boat salvage yard in this region please post it.

Re: Lower for WH-6

Lower units on KF5,Mark5,Mark6 series of Mercury
and Wizard WH6 were a)weak b)prone to frost damage
due to entrapped water turning to ice and expanding.
Powerheads seldom a problem. Before you go any further
with this motor take off tank/rewind assembly and
remove flywheel to check out coils. If coils are
good you can use them on a more promising outboard.
If the coils are bad call this a $25 lesson in
motor selection. This is a fairly common motor
with an even more common problem so getting the
missing lower unit pits you against everyone else
with same motor same problem. (including me)

Re: Lower for WH-6

In the last week or so have given a once over exam
of 7 Mercury KF3,KF5 & Mark 5...somewhat equivalants to your Wizard WH6. Was mainly interested in state
of coils as have found those make or break a low
end revival effort. 3 of 4 pairs of Phelon coils were
cracked open...of the 3 Bendix coils all appear good.
These projects have been in waiting for several years
and just now looking them over. Something to
bear in mind with these motors is the condition of upper and lower crankcase seals. If the seals are
dried out and hard or seal surface on crankshaft are
grooved or pitted...end of story or time to tear down
and rebuild...depending upon your mechanical outlook. New coils will cost more than all bearings,seals and gaskets required to rebuild powerhead and gearcase
including an impeller. Missing driveshaft & gearcase assembly and cavitation plate seem to be fairly common
on this series of it would seem that
something was found lacking thereabouts. The KF3 thru KF5 series are less complicated than the Mark5 and
Mark 6 Mark 6A and Wizard WH6 which have a different
gearcase and the Neutral Clutch. The KF3 gear case
I am presently working on is a small scale version
of KE4/Mark7 gearcase...not too complicated but
due to very limited production run unique propshaft
would be difficult to find. You never really know
what to expect when you go into a 60 year old
outboard motor that may have never been opened up
or opened up by too many unskilled hands. Most
recent KF5 had two really nice looking Bendix coils
and a flywheel with a broken hub.