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wizard 3.5

this was given to me has no spark plug just looking to find out about it? serial # 1351
model # C0C6503A86

Re: wizard 3.5

Wizard 6503 1965 by West Bend
(which at the time was being acquired by Chrysler)
Decent power for a small row boat in quiet waters.

65 to 75# compression

Spark plug H8J Champion 0.030"

8 ounces of two cycle oil to each gallon of gas
air cooled engines run hotter than water cooled
so use oil intended for air cooled two cycle engines

Lower unit EP90 outboard gear oil

Typically points are glazed and carburetor is gummed
up on disused old outboard.

This model has no water pump as does have
a tube directing water into exhaust.

Not a hi value but if it can be made to run easily
it is too good to scrap.

Re: wizard 3.5

very helpful thank you very much

Re: wizard 3.5

I have the exact same motor. Plugs are hard to find by the original number, but replacements are available. The original was a Champion H-8-J

Re: wizard 3.5

A .PDF file of the manual is available:

Go to:

Log in with:

User ID: marshall

password : public

-----Go under the Small Engine Repair Reference Center (look for the wrench), then Marine/Boat will click on Chrysler in the 3rd column and then click on "AIR COOLED 3 1/2 HP".