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1946 and Older Wizard Impellers - NLA

All, over the last month just discontinued their impellers for the WG4 and older Wizards and Mercs utilizing this style of lower unit:

Hold onto your cores. You have two choices for a new impeller. the mercury Part number is 47-24447.

1. Impellers by Brian (Brian Wilcox)

2. The flying Scott guy:

I have one of the last from East Coast Marine and will report back on the Impellers sold by Brian. Others swear by them, so I hope they fit and work well.

Happy Motoring. GreenThumbs aka Louis has also used Brian's impellers so they should be fine.


Re: 1946 and Older Wizard Impellers - NLA

Types of water pumps used on Mercurys KE3 and prior and the Wizard WG4 and prior...
there are two types of water pumps:
1) Oscillator part# 24427
2) Impeller part# 47-24447
The New Parts List for Mercury Models 1939-1953 offers contradictory information as to which models
used which...suffice it to say prewar likely to have
oscillator and postwar mostly Impeller.
I have yet to find an impeller type waterpump in a
prewar Kiekhaefer or an oscillator type waterpump in
a postwar model although the 1946 KB4 may be
the exception that proves the rule.

Note: The Oscillator and Impeller type water pumps
will interchange "as a unit" AND Kiekhaefer
offered a factory Kit part# 46-24424-A4 to
upgrade to the impeller type.

So far as I know the Oscillator part# 24427 has not been offered by East Coast Marine. Until recently the impeller part# 47-24447 has been available from East Coast Marine.
Sierra: part# 47-24447 clicks but comes up NLA with a
crossed out price of $3.00!!!
Brian Wilcox has been making up impellers and
oscillators (for several models and brands of outboards) for several years on more than a hobby
and less than a business basis. He also makes
up recoil handles, handle grips and the cushion pieces
that fit between tank mounts and powerhead.
Ours is a very small hobby and if it were not for
mini suppliers like Brian, restoring and using
an old outboard motor would be difficult if not