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A little safety reminder

This evening while prying "G" clip out of piston
it flew out and hit my plastic lens dead on...
no harm to lens...NO harm to eye either! "G" clip
departed to parts unknown. Regular glasses with
impact resistant lenses are a minimum...side shields
better & full face shield best.
While this is a reasonably safe hobby we should not
forget Mr. Murphy's Law...what can go wrong will go wrong...generally at the least convenient time.

Was using caustic parts washer earlier without even
a thought about putting on face shield...hanging on
wall a few steps away...a fat lot of good it does
to have and not shop safety habits have gotten lax. I don't mean to imply anyone else's
shop safety habits are as lax as mine...

Re: A little safety reminder

Thanks for the advice. I already had a piece of metal bounce off the cieling light, go over the top and behind my glasses and then tear my eyeball once. The eye still more or less fine but the Doctor was amazed how close it was to popping my eyeball.