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Wizard Motor Identification

Hello all,

I have a Wizard outboard that I got in a trade last year. I know nothing about the motor, and the only info I can read off the aluminum plate is 178 1757. There is an "A" underneath the 1757. I would like to know if anyone can give me more info on the motor--I was told it is a 25 HP but don't know if that is correct. I can't get the photos to attach in this forum, but will post if you can give me instructions on that, too. Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Wizard Motor Identification

To post a photo, you have to load the photo into a photo sharing website (like Photobucket) and then post the image link in the forum.

I can't find any of the numbers you posted, so a picture will be hugely helpful. If it truly is a 25HP model, then it was either made by Mercury or McCulloch. If it is a pale green, it is a Merc.

Re: Wizard Motor Identification

Ok... now I'm baffled. I bought this exact outboard, and I can't find a serial # list at my usual sources that shows anything like this serial number. It is 178 1757, and it does have an "A" below the 1757 just as the original post. It is NOT a 25, though. It must be a 7.5 (66 lbs. seems right), and it must be a Scott-McCulloch. It is NOT a low profile unit, and it is NOT a bail-o-matic. The water pump is down on top of the gear case, just like a normal outboard. I just broke it down tonight, so a picture won't do much good, but I can say that it looked exactly like the picture on this page which is labeled "Dave Dufresne's Wizard 7.5hp. This ia a later Scott built motor.":
So, any ideas on year and whether 7.5 hp would be right?

Re: Wizard Motor Identification

Just found one which was labeled 178 2127 A which was identified as a 1959 10hp, but the cowl isn't exactly the same. Of course, who knows... that one may have been swiped from a different motor. The pan, tiller, and everything below the cowl looks exactly right. Any help on verifying that serial number scheme would still be appreciated!

Re: Wizard Motor Identification

OK- We are indeed dealing with Scott-McCulloch models here. Although they should have a unique Wizard model number, the numbers you guys are listing seem to correspond to the actual McCulloch assigned model numbers. The 178-A would indicate that these are 10HP models and the corresponding Wizard model number would be MLM-6910A. They were produced in 1959. I believe the following year McColluch went to the low-profile 7.5HP model and discontinued offering a 10HP Wizard. They did, however, offer a 12HP model.