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wg4 motor

Recently aquired wg4 1946 supertwin outboard motor.need info on this please text me at 8639349544 if interested in passing along some valueable knowledge

Re: wg4 motor


So that we all learn in the process, it is best to post questions and responses here. Your WG-4 was made by Mercury and is based on Mercury's KD-4 motor. It is probably one of the more popular Wizards out there. It is 6HP and direct drive. Basic parts are easy enough to come by and there are resources to get used parts, if needed.

Before you start sinking money into it, you'll want to check out cylinder compression, to know if the motor will potentially run in its current state. If that is good, then the next check is spark. There is a god chance that the coils are shot if it has been sitting for a while (especially out in the cold). Once you figure out whether you'll try to get it running based on compression and spark, you'll want to also change out the water pump impeller.

Check back here if you have more questions. Guys here are happy to help out.


Re: wg4 motor

You'll find the manual here at this post. Scroll down most of the page to find it page by page.
Wizard Literature- anyone wish to share their scans?

Or get it in a less clear pdf version here.

Re: wg4 motor

Early Kiekhaefer made outboards have easy to remove and replace long as you have access to
a parts motor and swap like for like...stuck pistons,
worn out or rusty cylinders are not serious ...just some time on workbench...cut new gaskets if you
are cheap like me or order a set...usually a good
time to refresh top and bottom seals also.
Fun if you are a wrencher...not everyone is.