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WM7A Pivot Pin

How do I remove the steering pivot pin from my super 10?

Re: WM7A Pivot Pin

Why do you need to remove pin? if it is frozen up due
to corrosion it can be pretty tough sledding.
In general you remove powerhead to gain access and
sometimes you find inside of hollow pin is threaded
so you can use bolt nut and spacer to draw pin up
out of saddle...if not threaded you may be able to
thread the pin and do as above.
If pin is stuck sometimes you can access from below
and drive pin with hammer and punch
Lastly if pin defies all reasonable effort you can
do as I have done and hacksaw the pin above and below
the saddle and then tackle removing pin from saddle
Corrosion of steel pin in aluminum can result in a
very solid grip...when reassembling it is a very good
idea to grease the pin. You may have to make a new
pin from solid bar stock. I believe the bushings are
available or a substitute can made.
My experience is with the smaller motors but looking
at Mark 25 Parts Manual suggestes proceedure is much the same.

Re: WM7A Pivot Pin Bushings

Sometimes you can use a section of PVC pipe, or a PVC pipe coupling for bushings. If you find a good fit they
last very well. JW in Dixie