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1979 wizard 15 h.p.

my dad just bought an aluminum boat with a 1979 wizard 15 h.p. motor on it and we are curious as to who made it for western auto? are any parts available? thank you in advance

Re: 1979 wizard 15 h.p.

My documentation could be incomplete, but I find a 15HP Wizard in 1979, but if you can locate the model number, we can track it down. During that time period Eska was manufacturing the Wizards for Western Auto, and they were the same as those branded as true Eskas and Sears Gamefishers. Eska did make a 15HP water-cooled outboard, but I only see a 5HP and 7.5HP model available under the Wizard brand in 1979 ... but I could be wrong.

The challenge with the Eskas from this time period is that some of them had "Solid State" ignitions, and the replacement parts are nearly impossible to find if that is the case. If you have a traditional magneto, it is a bit easier. Eskas, in general, aren't the easiest to get parts for, but they can be had.

Some sources include Discount Marine, Ebay (look for Eskaman/Sanford's Goodies store), and Certified Parts Corporation. If we can figure out the equivalent Sears model number, Sears even stocks some of the basics.

Let us know your model number and we can help you determine what exactly you have and go from there!


Re: 1979 wizard 15 h.p.

thank you for the info. he is 300 miles from here but will be back early in the week. i'll let you know when he gets home.