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WD 3S water outlet above sparkplug

I need help with the water outlet fitting above the sparkplug. There is just a right angle fitting with nothing attached. Could there be missing plumbing or is water discharged from here overboard?

Re: WD 3S water outlet above sparkplug

On my KD3S there is a length of copper tubing from a streamline fitting that loops around left side of spark plug and extends slighly below edge of
water jacket. Kiekhaefer varied in how the cooling
water was plumbed...several others route a longer line
foreward along right side of water jacket and then
down several inches...requres a clip to hold line
in place. It appears that prior mechanics altered
cooling water outlet on about half the singles
I have worked on...the examples I quote appear to
be original factory. Fittings usually but not always brass...line is usually but not always copper...exceptions noted on 1940 and 41 models.
Tubing size appears to be 5/16" on twins and either
1/4" or 5/16" on singles.
(Right and Left as viewed from spark plug end of
Anyway cooling water has to routed away from spark
plug and it appears there are several different
approaches used