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i have a wizard motor model wb2 serical number 2045--can you tell me what year it is

Re: motor

Your motor is from 1942.
Here's the chart from the Wizard website above.

Re: motor

The actual dates when Kiekhaefer began outboards for
Western Auto is a little hazy...sources don't agree
but don't actually contradict each other.
I think it is safe to say that WA indicates a first
year motor and WB indicates a second year motor and
the four digit number is a serial number.
My opinion is that Kiekhaefer was making outboards
under all three brands in 1940.
A display of a Sea King,Wizard and a Mercury
at a club meet...all singles and all equipped with
the poppet valve carburetor which seems to be from
early guess is 1940...proof of course
is lacking. Careful study of waterpump housing,grease seal and water jacket if same would be strong evidence of being made at same time from common parts pool. Would like to see Western Auto Catalogs from
1940,41,42 and see what motors were offered when.