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scott-atwater (Dial-a-Matic) moter 33hp

My buddy has this scott-atwater Dial-a-Matic 33hp (1956) moter and the cork float went bad in the Tillotson carburetor. I have been searching on the web to find a replace me part but i am not having any luck.
Do you know of a website that i can find this replacement part?

Re: scott-atwater (Dial-a-Matic) moter 33hp

What model Tillotson Carburetor?
What does float look like...measurements.
Floats can be adapted or made up from cork and
coated with model airplane hot fuel proof dope
to resist alcohol in modern fuel.
There is a source of generic cork floats that
are epoxy coated which is even better IF you can
find your Canada and ships to USA at
reasonable price. I think you can find by search
cork float or cork.

Re: scott-atwater (Dial-a-Matic) moter 33hp

Unless the cork is crumbling or cracked, you may be able to salvage it. As Louis mentioned, if it is completely dry, coat it with clear, fuel proof airplane dope to reseal it. You can also use Super Glue, which is fuel resistant.

If it is indeed shot, figuring out the Tillotson model number (stamped on the carb body) will help you track down either a new or used cork. You can always try you hand at making one, but again, you'll need to seal it with the dope or super glue.


Re: scott-atwater (Dial-a-Matic) moter 33hp

I will have him get me more information on the carb.
Thanks for the help!!

Re: scott-atwater (Dial-a-Matic) moter 33hp

Here is another good resource for help.