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Wizard Super 5 WH6 lower cowl dent removal

I have a small ding in cowl of my WH6 around the choke knob. Is there a good way to remove dent? Not very deep, but has a few small stress cracks. Should I use a bit of heat, then pound out gently?

Re: Wizard Super 5 WH6 lower cowl dent removal

If it is small enough, I'd suggest picking up some MarineTex epoxy filler and then fill it and refinish the surface. Of course, this option requires painting. If the dent has stress cracks, it may be tough getting it too look nice if you try other methods. But, it you just want to level it out, you can try your method or try a small puller kit from an auto store.

If you are planning on repainting as part of a restoration, I would just recommend the filler route.