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1969 6hp wizard outboard lower unit

wizard 6hp outboard model#coc6606a96 serial#1413
I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction to find a lower unit for this motor. The case on the lower unit on my motor froze and busted.
thanks for any help

Re: 1969 6hp wizard outboard lower unit

First answer the question "Who Done It"
Probably by Chrysler (formerly West Bend)
if a water cooled powerhead.
Clinton/ESKA made tons of air cooled outboards
with Tecumseh? powerheads.
Western Auto offered outboards from several makers
in prior years ,but, I think by 1969 Chrysler and
Eska and possibly a very late McCulloch were in the
store brand market.
Difference between Factory and Store Brand were often
just the label. Knowing your maker will expand the
pool of possible parts motors to advertise for
on webvertize. Also there are web linked sources
who specialize in selling used parts from parts
motors they may have in stock. I would expect them to be very aware of who made what and which components will interchange on yours.

Re: 1969 6hp wizard outboard lower unit

I have the same motor and same problem, but myine is a Mercury Mark 6 comet 1957. They were both made bu Kiekhaffer. Don't know if you have found one.

Re: 1969 6hp wizard outboard lower unit

When looking for lower unit parts or assembly be aware the first run Mark 6
lower unit is different than later runs.
Serial 892530 and below are first run.
There are some parts manuals posted on line. (Western NY aomci chapter site)
It would be a good idea to study parts manual closely to identify which parts have same part numbers and which parts do not.
Different part numbers may/may not mean an interchange problem.
For some reason Mercury made a lot of changes with KF5 series as it evolved into Mark 6A.
Unfortunately broken lower units seem typical on those at swap meets.
After 1957 Kiekhaefer (Mercury) and Western Auto (Wizard) outboards had
nothing in common as different vendors supplied Wizard brand outboards.