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Parts and parts motors

Attended swap meet today and found a stuck KD4 and
a stuck Mark 7 power head. My sources of parts for
several stalled projects...I hope.
A couple points of interest...tag on leg said KD4...but it had a rewind...when I removed the Mark 7's flywheel the Phelon coils were missing...
part swapping and stripping should be expected...
pay only for what you see when purchasing parts motors

Re: Parts and parts motors

Spent a few hours disassemblying parts motors...
both cylinders and crank bearings on KD4 stuck...
stripped it and will set aside for time being.
Mark 7 lower cylinder stuck,,,stuffed cylinder
with oil/paper, sealed ports and pumped loose
with grease gun and finished up with nut and
bolts. This was not as easy to do as some because
cylinder had to be pried out of crankcase despite
an almost rusted stuck rod bearing on crank.
Removing pistons and connecting rods will form
basis for next picture series.
I would like to take a full series of tear down
and rebuild pictures to post here if Jason
sees fit to do so.