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From the Green Side...

My first outboard was a chance purchase of a Mercury
KE3 single "Green Tank" I have since picked up others
in fair to real rough condition to work on. A recurring problem with KE3 is tanks are usually
beat up, sometimes beyond even Bondo's help.
I have noted a similarity between tank used on
KE3 and KF3 singles and the tank used on KF5
Mark 5 models. I finally got a KE3 tank tested
today and fitted a KF5 tank with the rewind
assembly from the KE3 and installed on KE3
Son of a like a charm.
There is a generous oversupply of KF5/Mark5
tanks due to weak and frost damage prone
lower units SO if anyone dabbles in the Green Tank singles...maybe this will work for you too.

Re: From the Green Side...

Good tip, Louis.

Although pretty pricey stuff, have you ever tried MarineTex for leveling out tank dents. I recently came across someone's write-up on an early Johnson restoration. The old rectangular-type tank (from the 30s) was beat to heck, and with patience and multiple layers of MarineTex, the guy was able to make it look like new, especially since MarineTex is supposed to respond to sandpaper nicely. I've not worked with it, but was curious if you have tried it in addition to your work with Bondo.


Re: From the Green Side...

No fan of bondo here. Knew a used car dealer who
used it by the barrel...his cars looked good on the lot,but,would not pass the magnet test.
Took the KE3 to wet meet today...would not start
although it ran in test tank Friday. Further study