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WG-7 restoration

My restoration is coming along nicely. I got this motor in pieces in a box a couple of months ago. My friend had tore the motor down a couple of years ago, ordered over $300 of new parts, then put it all in a box and forgot about it. Then he gave it all to me. Got the Mercury service manual, paint and decals from and started putting it all back together.
New rings, seals, coils, condensors, points, spark plug wires, and gaskets. I stripped the metal pieces down and am refinishing them. Powerhead is back together.

I wish I had a picture of this motor or a KG-7 with the cover off as there are a couple of brackets that I can't find in any of the manuals.
Also, I'm not sure if the long plug wire goes to the bottom plug or the top one? Additionally, I can't get the @$%# water pump cover off, as it is a specialty tool that no one has. I'm going to take the lower unit around to several shops tomorrow afternoon to see if anyone can loosen it for me, so that I can change the impeller.

Anyone know of any pictures out there of these motors with the fuel tank housing off? Anyone know which plug wire goes to which plug?
Thanks in advance