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Need a waterpump for WG-4

Any ideas Where I might find an impeller and gaskets?
Also, th copper tube that runs up through thr lower unit seems to be stopped up.I assume that if you blow through that tube you should get air out of the little pee-tube up near the reed plate cover.Does that copper tube come out or do I need to seperate the powerhead from the lower unit?Any hepl would be appreciated, this is my first attempt at an outboard.....lots to learn!

Thanks, Will

Re: Need a waterpump for WG-4

I believe the impeller in the WG-4 is the same as the one in the the Mercury KD-4. The parts are available at:

Note that not all KD-4s used the same impeller. It might be worth giving the guys at East Coast Marine a call to make sure you get the right part when ordering.

I haven't worked on a WG-4; but you should be able to just pull the copper tubing from the impeller housing when you drop the lower unit; I don't believe you need to pull the powerhead on that model (I could be wrong). You might want to try blowing compressed air through the copper tubing to see if it is blocked up.

Hopefully someone with WG-4 experience will chime in to give you more detailed guidance.

Good luck!

Re: Need a waterpump for WG-4

I don't have a WG4 handy so this will have to be
as best I can determine...
Mercury changed lower units with introduction
of KE4 (which later became Mark 7)
The KD and KE3 style lower unit had a .500" prop shaft and a water pump that fastened to the gear case...hss a brass water pump cover secured with a
snap ring.
The KE4 and later style "Unicast" lower unit
water pump and gear case are in one piece,
with a left hand threaded aluminum water pump
Measure prop shaft diameter too...there are several
versions of the Unicast lower unit not all with
the same prop shaft diameter...seals and impeller
are different.
East Coast Marine "Old Mercs" should be able to
supply the correct parts...always best to ask
questions to be sure you are both on same page.