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Cannot Find specs for oil Mix

My father bought a 6hp Wizard outboard about 10 years ago at a garage sale. i have recently bought a boat and inherited his outboard. I cannot find any information on this serial number or Model number.

All i really want to know is, what should i run the mix at. 50:1? 35:1? 24:1? 16:1? Whats stock?

Model #: WBA6506A56

Anyone know anything? I want to get it up and running and i want to use it for my limb liner boat.

P.S. It started and ran 10 years ago like a champ, Havent used it since it was bought.

Re: Cannot Find specs for oil Mix

That is a McCulloch-made Wizard. I believe that the spec was 24:1 for those motors. I wouldn't recommend going any thinner.