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wizard outboard

I have a 3.5 wizard outboard I dont need.I was wondering the value of so I can put it on ebay and get a fair price.Any ideas? thanks

Re: wizard outboard

Really not worth a lot, depending on condition. Especially since it is a small HP, I would start with low initial bid to not scare people away. Too many people go with $99 starting bids and they get no action. You can always set a low reserve to get the minimum you are willing to take. Keep in mind that somewhere around $50 is the estimated value, according to Peter Hunn's book. But, those are rough estimates. A lot of factors influence selling price.

Another option is to place a free "for sale" ad on No selling fees and someone who likely knows about motors might buy it. Best offer approach works well through that venue.

Good luck!

Re: wizard outboard

Might be helpful to post model and serial number...