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PreWW2 Wizard WB6 twin

Acquired another old Kiekhaefer made Wizard...a parts
motor with some good parts and stuck cylinder(a)
to practice grease gun technique on. If anyone
is interested in parts I will see as I get into
it what still has service remaining...alway interesting to see the "repairs" inflicted
upon an old outboard by the ungifted.
The prewar motors are interesting as you
never know what innovation Kiekhaefer was
trying out the week motor was made.

Re: PreWW2 Wizard WB6 twin

Stripped WB6 down to stuck powerhead...hooked up
grease gun and pumped...BAD IDEA...took very little
pressure to snap the cast iron cylinders...pistons
were VERY STUCK...patience, solvent and torch
MIGHT have saved situation. Surprisingly the
crankshaft is okay and turns over freely...
wished someone had not mushed the threads.
Judging by wear, motor was a long way from
junk before it got stuck...pistons have a heavy
layer of crud...maybe from leaded gas and/or
detergent oil?