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1953 Wizard WG-4

replaced coils and condensers cleaned and reset points. good hot blue spark. soaked and rebuilt carb. It had the new plastic float already in it. new lower unit seals new impeller. runs great in the tank and runs cool. took it out on the boat the other day. started up fine and idled well to no wake buoy. Opened it up and the boat jumped on plane and we are off. Motor bogs down like it is running out of fuel. It picked back up again and replaned the boat only to bog back down again. Not quite a surge, but like it. I had the cowls on it when running so could not tell if the float bowl was staying filled, but I suspect the new plastic float is hanging up in the chamber. Sound reasonable? video of it running in the barrel. No sound though.

Re: 1953 Wizard WG-4

Sounds reasonable to me. The only other thing I was thinking is perhaps there could be some debris that has slightly clogged the little filter off the fuel tank.