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two cycle mix

I bought a Wizard WG-4 ser#456181 for a canoe aftrer looking up on your site it is a six horse the seller advertised as a five horse hope it isn't to much for a 17ft grumman canoe rated 5 horse max. I put some chainsaw mix in motor and it started right up and ran after about 4 pulls on the roap. I was wondering if I should mix a straight 30 weight oil 3/8 pint to a gallon of gas or should I use the newer type of two cycle oil and mix at the same 1-21 ratio.

Re: two cycle mix

I would mix that at 16:1 at minimum. I've been using TCW3 in all my older motors with no problems...but there are lots of opinions out there on the topic. I think factory spec from that period would have been non-detergent SAE 30 oil.