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parts fir wizard wh6 piston

pisyon gasket neadle barings @gasket

Re: parts fir wizard wh6 piston

If you are looking for parts to restore try
East Coast Marine Old Merc. New Old Stock
parts can be hard to find and expensive for
50 year old outboards. May I suggest that
you look for a parts motor or someone
parting out a similar outboard. Find out
which Mercury models and years (serial number)
share the same parts as your Wizard so you
can broaden search...go on line and see if
an aomci meet is held in your area...if the
needed parts are not there ASK no one can
bring everything they want to clear out...
someone will likely have a motor he has
lost interest in. Never discard old part
until you have found, installed and
test run replacement...sometimes you need
the old part to choose between several
possibles...even a stuck motor can have
good pistons...especially if multicylinder.
Very likely the KF5,Mark5,Mark6 series
pistons will be same as WH6...
A good used piston will serve better than
no piston at all...may want to use new rings,
hone glazed cylinders and buy gaskets
some might not.

Re: parts fir wizard wh6 piston


I wasn't sure if your post is a parts request or parts you are selling. If you need parts, I have a WH6 "parts" powerhead that I'd part with for real cheap. Email me if you are interested.