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Wizard 9.9 - ESK-6610-A57

Just bought a Wizard 9.9, it says it is a model ESK-6610-A57. Does anyone know anything about these, or what the mercury equivalent is so I can get some parts? The only problem I have with it is that when running at cruising speed it won't suck fuel itself. It dies after a minute or so, unless I keep pumping the priming bulb. And it has a bit of trouble starting when it hasn't been run in a day or so... any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Wizard 9.9 - ESK-6610-A57


You don't have a Mercury-made Wizard, you have one manufactured by Eska. These are the same as the outboards once sold at Sears under the Ted Williams and eventually Gamefisher names. It sounds like you are having fuel pump and/or carburetor issues.

Certified Parts Corp. purchased Eska's remaining stock when they went under, so you might want to check with them for a carburetor and fuel pump rebuild kit. You might want to just start by giving the carburetor a good cleaning and see what results you get. Your Wizard is a 1975 model, and the equivalent Sear's Ted Williams model number is 217.586210. If you search Sears' Parts website using that model number, you will find parts that will be interchangeable with your Wizard version of the Eska.

Parts are also available at:

Bottom line, you shouldn't have problems getting the parts you need.

Good luck!

Re: Wizard 9.9 - ESK-6610-A57

That is a lot of helpful info. I appreciate it.