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Mercury & Wizard (manufactured by Mercury) Parts

Hello all. I am new to this site and it looks very interesting. To introduce myself, my family's marine business dates to 1951. We have dealt with Mercury products from the start, as the founder Ted Ferguson (and my parent's partner soon after) worked in the service department of the Mercury distributor for the state of Georgia before branching-off to begin our company. Although many parts for Wizards (and Mercurys of this vintage) have been no longer available (in some cases) for a very long time, we have a few new old stock parts in inventory. We also still have the paper parts manuals for referencing Wizard parts (that we purchased from Mercury back in the day). These allow us to check what the part number is for a Wizard model, not just look-up the Mercury model associated with it. We may can then supply the part from stock or source the correct part. If you like, please give us a try, as we may can help with a Wizard part when many cannot or will not.

Thank You,
Joe Poole, Jr.
Ferguson-Poole, Inc.
1080 Parkway Industrial Park Drive
Suite E
Buford, Georgia 30518-1655
(770) 597-5992 Cell
(770) 271-1022 Business

Re: Mercury & Wizard (manufactured by Mercury) Parts

Let me add that I have found Joe to be a very forthright and honest businessman. Good communication and timely parts delivery are his trademarks. Do not hesitate to give him a try.