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I NEED A CARB KIT OR A needleset for my 6hp wiz
the carb is a tillotson mt 91b help

Re: carb

Sounds like either a Scott Atwater or West Bend/Chrysler made outboard. You may find leads
to parts at web sites for those brands.
Webvertize sometimes will turn up the unobtainable
NOS if you are lucky.
Kiekhaefer (Mercury) made Wizards (early K models anyway) seem to be all Tillotson AJ series
Carburetor swap is not an unknown practice...
if some prior mechanic had an urge to change.
Giving outboard model number (if known) can reduce
guesses as to your options for finding parts.

Re: carb


If you post the model number for your outboard we can figure out exactly what you have and point you the appropriate parts resources.