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12 hp wizard ser. A7FB

I'm looking for a year manufactured and a round about on the value.Everything is original and this motor runs great.It has a fishing sticker on the side of the lid with a date 1966.

Re: 12 hp wizard ser. A7FB

Can you find a model number on the serial number plate? Only Mercury and McCulloch made 12HP models in the 50's. That serial number doesn't match a Mercury Wizard serial number, and I'm not sure of the McCulloch serial numbers. In 1966, Chrysler was making the Wizards, but they did not offer a 12HP model. If you can find a model number that will clear all of this up.

If it is all green, they you have a Mercury made model. Mercury made 12HP models between 1954-57.

Hope this helps!

Re: Re: 12 hp wizard ser. A7FB-3229

I did find the mod. numb. it is MLM6912A.What do you think this might be worth and how would I go about selling.I also found the rest of the serial numb..

Re: Re: Re: 12 hp wizard ser. A7FB-3229

Glad you tracked that down. You have a 1960 McCulloch-made Wizard. I think your best bet for selling it would be through the classifieds link. Price really depends upon condition, and although there are McCulloch lovers out there, they aren't as highly collected as other brands. McCulloch also sold these at Sears first marketed as Elgins (after West Bend) and then as Ted Williams models, as well as marketing them under their own name (in 1960 it would have been called a Scott-McCulloch). It is rare to find one in great condition. The fiberglass covers are usually beat up and finding parts is not as easy as for the Mercury-made models.

Guys have tried to sell these on ebay for a couple hundred bucks with no luck. I would suggest placing a "best offer" ad on the AOMCI page, but that is just my recommendation. The weight for shipping is going to make it expensive, so you may want to try through local venues like Craigslist . Not saying it is a bad motor, and the fact that it is a Wizard version makes it a bit more collectible. Again, condition is going to determine how much some will pay.

Best of luck!

Re: Re: Re: Re: 12 hp wizard ser. A7FB-3229

Thanks for the info.It was very helpfull.