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What year and value?

I would like to know where I can look up info on an old wizard that was given to me. Model WD3 s# 113183.

Is there a site that has this kind on info available?


Re: What year and value?

WD3 were made by Kiekhaefer Mercury for Western Auto.
Over the period when Wizards were made by Kiekhaefer
they evolved from rebadged Mercury to versions of
non current Mercury models. WD3 was the rope plate
start version and WD3S was equipped with a recoil
starter. Value depends mostly upon what buyer and
seller agree to. Outboard dealers had a blue book
for valuing tradeins...many motors had no trade in
value in years past that now are highly sought
after... If there were a bible of value for old
outboards a buyer and seller would still feel the
quote was thing for sure, the buyer who
gets a motor for less than he feels it is worth
will brag about the deal he scored...while the
seller may laugh over how he "took" the buyer
with a worn out piece of junk.

Re: What year and value?

Thanks for the Info Louis. Is there a site that has the info on the year that the motor was made?

Thanks again!

Re: What year and value?